All registrations can be made online, at our studio or by calling 978-251-1700 for proper class placement.

The DNE dance season runs from September thru May.

A single student registration fee for a single child of $25.00 and a family registration fee of $35.00 is required at the time of registration.

Tuition Payment Options:

Season Tuition paid in full will receive 5% discount if by June 1st.

Nine Installment Plan:  Nine installments made on the first of each month on our Auto-Payment Plan set up during Online Registration.  First installment due at the time of registration, second thru ninth installment due September thru April.

No refunds on tuition, registration fees, costume deposits or balances.

A costume deposit of $35.00 will be required by October 10th.  Invoices for costume balances will be mailed via email and due by November 10th.

All accounts must be current in order for costumes to be ordered and tickets & costumes to be released.

A 10% discount for a third child registered from one family.

Tuition must be current for any make up classes.

DNE School of Dance accepts cash, check, MC/VISA

Cancellation Policy

You must notify the studio VIA email if your child will be withdrawing from a class(s).  Until we are notified of withdrawal any Auto Payment plan will continue until notified otherwise.

Schedule Changes

Classes & Teachers are subject to change at any time.

Any classes with five students or less may be asked to move to another scheduled class day.

Snow Policy

If there is inclement weather an email will be sent notifying you of either closing the studio for classes or closing early.  It will also be posted on our homepage of our Website, FB & Instagram.

Snow make-up classes can be made within the season at the same class level or a level recommended by an instructor or office staff.  If there are more than 3 snow days on one particular day within a season we will make every effort to arrange a snow makeup class.

Attendance / Make-Up Classes / Tardiness

A total effort must be made to attend every class.  Dance is a group effort and any absence affects everyone in the class.  Please notify the office if your student will be absent from class.  If the student is a "no show" for their class then that class is not eligible for a make up class.

Tuition payment must be current for any make up classes.

Students have one month to take their make up class.

If a student is absent more than five times after the start of choreography for the Spring Festival, the teacher has the option to remove the student from the routine.

Students are not permitted to leave class for any reason without notifying the instructor.

DNE is not responsible for any unattended child before or after their dance class.

Class Attire & Dance Wear

The proper shoes must be worn in class.  Dancing in inappropriate dance shoes may result in injury.

Female students are required to wear a leotard & tights at all times.

Male students must wear jazz/sweat pants and a t shirt.

Hair must be tied back with no hair ornaments.

At no times are cell phones, food, soft drinks or juices allowed in our studios.  WATER ONLY.

Absolutely no jeans or pants in class at any times.

No Outdoor Shoes allowed in any of our studios for all dancers and family members.


In consideration of the dance lessons afforded me under this agreement by DNE School of Dance, Inc. and in recognition of the physically strenuous nature of dancing.  I hereby knowingly freely, and voluntarily waive any right of cause of action of any kind whatsoever, arising as a result of such activity from which liability may or could accrue to DNE School of Dance, Inc.  If you prefer not to have our child appear on our website or social media please contact our office.  No names are included on Social Media posts. 

NO refunds on any Registration, Registration Fees, Costumes Deposits, Costume Balances, Festival Tickets etc.  A DNE credit will be issued to any registration withdrawal for classes with no expiration date.  Our Season tuition is paid in nine installments via AUTO PAY with a MC/VISA.  Tuition is run the first of the month.  No portion of this fee paid or oustsanding is refunded in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal of a student of a student from the school.  I agree to pay all incidental expenses as incurred by this student, but are not limited to costumes, dance wear, performance tickets, optional trips, special events, etc.  Tuition is due on the First of the Month.  A $15.00 late fee will be applied to tuition received after the 10th of the month.  I also agree to pay a $20.00 returned check fee to DNE for any returned checks.  If there are two or more returned checks to DNE, the remainder of the your tuition payments for that season with by paid by cash, cashier's check or MC/VISA.  DNE has the right to ask your dancer to observe their class if tuition payments fall behind.