NEW!  2019/2020 SEASON

Kaila's Class

This class was inspired by Kaila Tyros in 1996 when she first started dancing.  Kaila Tyros was born with Down Sydrome and has inspired hundreds of fellow dance students, instructors & audiences each & every year.  This class is fun and energetic while learning basics to Ballet & Tap.

Once a week / 30 min. /  9 Installments of $55.00 / Season Paid in Full less 5% * See Policy

Level One / Monday 4:00-4:30pm (Sara) (Morning Spring Performance) - Level Two / Monday 4:15-5:00pm (Sara) (Morning Spring Performance)

Wheels in Motion

This class is for children with Cerebral Palsy...a fun, lively Hip Hop dance lesson working with or without walkers...a great class for those who want to just dance!

Once a week /30 min. / 9 Installments of $45.00 /  Season Paid in Full less 5% * See Policy